The Importance of a Competent Electrician vs. Handyman

Need Assistance with Electrical Maintenance?

Trying to Repair or Install Electrical Products on your own can be Daunting and Potentially Dangerous, especially if the Fixture is Faulty without Experience. Our Electricians can manage all types of Problems in Electrical Repair. We can help you to save Time and Money to make sure you’re pleased.

You can rest assured that your Electrical Fixtures will be in the highest condition for a long time to come with our Quick Same-Day Service and Security through our Workmanship Guarantee.

What are we able to do?

Our Services

Power failure, Troubleshooting, Electrical Failure, Electrical Blackout

Replace Main Track Breakers, Repair, Troubleshoot

TV Point, Sockets for Cable TV, SCV Point, Heater Point, and Air-Conditioning Points

Installation of Ceiling Fans, Water Heaters, Additional Lights and Socks

Power Points Faulty or Broken & Light Switches, Moves, Adds or Replaces the Light Fixture

What does a Typical Electrical & Cable Service include?

Electricians Singapore is pre-screened to provide you with Reliable and Safe Home Facilities. Here’s what an Electrical & Wiring Service typically includes:


Our Electricians will look at the region you are hoping to have repaired or installed and inspect it. We’re going to make sure Everything is Secure and up to Standard.


Whether you’re looking for Lamps, Three-Phase Cable or Ceiling Fans, our Electricians can install anything you might need. We should have no issue installing whatever Electrical Service you have in mind after their Inspection.

General Repair

Modern Life requires Electrical Equipment, but trying to fix yourself is Hard and Possibly Harmful. If you have an appliance requiring Service or Maintenance, be sure to get it directly from Electricians Singapore from an EMA Licensed Electrician.


  • If you had something installed, ask our Electrician about your maintenance and how to say if something went wrong.
  • Ask our Electrician what he did to FIX it and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t Break again if you had something Repaired.

Do You Need An Electrician Now?

Our Electricians in-house can HELP you today. We can FIX your Electrical Problems in the Shortest Possible Moment by Contacting US @ + 65 9680 7211.

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