Single Room

Single Room

Electricians Singapore provides you the liberty to customize the light in any room. Our Single-Room Solutions enable you to easily adjust your lighting for distinct assignments – and our switches, wallpapers, phone and cable jacks come in multitude of colors to suit your decor.

Save Energy

Creating inviting, comfortable living spaces while lowering Energy Expenses with Electricians Singapore dimmers and sensors. 

Every time you use your lamps, you save Energy with a dimmer.

Ensure that lights are never left on with an occupancy or vacancy sensor in unoccupied rooms.


Elegance & Ambiance

Electricians Singapore controls are intended for beautiful look and work.

Light influences how things look around you and how you feel. Dimming enables you generate moods, transform rooms, set the ideal environment for entertainment, or make your bathroom a relaxing spa retreat.

In a stylish color and finish, you can even match your decor with checks.


Take your lights to new level – regulate them from anywhere in a space or even outside of your home.

Control of your lights is not limited to spot on the wall. Adjust the lights from your bedside ouse an occupancy sensor to automatically switch off the lights.


Remote Control

Use wireless control to add drama and excitement to your home by clicking a button.

Create a inexpensive wow-factor for your home–dim the lights and start a movie without leaving your seat. Turn on or off the lights from outside your home, whether you’re in your vehicle or going out. Use a distant IR to adjust lamps.

Control Daylight

Light control in your home is more than electrical lamps–it also involves the ability to fine-tune the quantity of sunlight entering a room.

Silently adjust shades or draperies to create confidentiality or protect valuable furniture. Reduce window glare or skylight on your desktop and TV. Add a variety of window treatment styles to add elegance–more shading options.


Personalized Light Control

Make lighting about your home and lifestyle by customizing how you use light in a room.

Create “scenes” lighting by controlling different lights in a room, like a kitchen. Set the overhead under the cabinet and sink the bulbs by clicking a button to prepare, dine, or clean meals. Turn on a reading light in your bedroom and close to bedside drapes or turn a family room into a home theater experience.

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