Save Money on Electrical Bills

Single Service

First Time / Existing Home Owners who want to cut down on the cost of Electrical Installation Services while cutting down on Time and Effort.

Work with our Market Experienced Team of Electricians without BURSTING YOUR BUDGET check out these Exclusive Promotions to Maximize Your Electrical Service Fee $avings!

Promotions of Pioneer Citizens

We give all our Pioneer Citizens an 8.8 percent discount on all Electrical Installation Packages. Recognizes their Contribution to Building this Nation in line with the Singapore Ministry Campaign. They must be the Owner of the Electrical Installation House.

Please contact us now for further information @+ 65 9680 7211

BTO Flat Promotions

For those First Time Home Owners who have just got their keys and are searching for Electrical Installation Solutions, our BTO Flat Promotions are not wanting to burn a hole in their pockets. Even if you don’t get your keys in the near future, it’s all right! Before it goes away, we can reserve a marketing agreement for you.

Below rate only refers to the HDB BTO Project Sum of more than $1,000.00/- per contract basis.

  • Additional Lighting Point at $35.00/- Each
  • Additional 1-Gang 13A S/S/O at $55.00/- Each
  • Additional 2-Gang 13A S/S/O at $55.00/- Each
  • Additional CAT6 Data Point at $90.00/- Each
  • Relocation of Lighting Point at $30.00/- Each
  • Relocation of 1-Gang 13A S/S/O at $45.00/- Each
  • Relocation of 2-Gang 13A S/S/O at $45.00/- Each
  • Relocation of CAT6 Data Point at $55.00/- Each


For your needs, customized packages:

Can’t find a Suitable Package? Tell us your needs to make yourself yours. We’re going to dour BEST to tailor your Budget-Compliant Package. 

Contact us now for NON-Obligation FREE consultation and quotation.

Alternatively, you can send us an emailyour layout with your suggested design, and NON-Obligation Quotation will be provided within 24 hours.

Rejuvenation HDB Resale Package, EC Condo Project Landed Promotions

For Existing Home Owners who want to Breathe New Life into your home to receive Electrical Installation Group-Buy” Special Rate Packages with your neighbors today!

Please contact us for further debate on how we can work with you and your neighbors on the Special Tariffs.

You should understand that our prices are very competitive with our above-quoted prices. Our price is either lower or near the price quoted by other electricians. We’re transparent with our NO Hidden Cost pricing. What we promise is Electrical Quality work at reasonably low prices. We welcome you to compare our price to other electricians’ quoted price.