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Aircon Servicing

KTL Aircon – Pioneer in Cutting Edge High Pressure Washing Technology with  over 10 years Experience in Aircon Servicing in Singapore.

Professionally trained Air Conditioning Service Technicians conduct our Standard Air-Conditioning Service, Maintenance and Air-Condition Repair Services. Taking Customer Support Seriously, we are Committed to Providing all our Customers with Reliable Air-Conditioning Services.

We provide Air-Conditioning Service and Repair for all types. To us, Reliable and Affordable Air-Condition Service can be Guaranteed.

Specific Air-Conditioning Contract Quality

What facilities are provided as part of the General Air-Condition Service Package?

If you’re after Efficient and Hassle-Free Aircon Service, we ‘re doing it all. Our work span includes everything from General External Cleaning to Water Drainage Pipe Flushing Out. 

Those facilities include in detail:

1. Cleaning of the air conditioning external front covers and panels (including side, top and bottom of the aircon)
2. Cleaning of the air conditioning filters
3. Cleaning of the air conditioning blower wheel and fan blade
4. Cleaning of the air conditioning unit evaporator coils
5. Cleaning the air conditioning condensation water drainage pan
6. Checking and flushing of the air conditioning condensation water drainage pipe
7. Checking on the operating condition of the air conditioning blower fan motor (grease lubricant will be applied if required)
8. Checking the compressor suction and discharge pressure (refrigerant system check)
9. Checking for uncommon noises generated by air conditioning units
10. Check the operation of major electrical connections for any loose wire

As you can see, every aspect of Air-Conditioning is covered by our Experienced, Professional team. Hiring us for your Maintenance means you won’t have to worry about the Hottest Days when your Air-Conditioning will STOP working!

Regular check-ups also Reduce the Chance that your Air-Conditioning Unit will be Broken down, sthat you can avoid Expensive Costs to Replace’s entire thing. We deliver one of the most robust Air-Condition facilities in all of Singapore!

General Aircon Service Price

We have quite competitive prices, check out our General Service Air-Condition Price Table here.

Our Air-conditioning Repair Rates are, ayou can see, built to make it as Affordable as Possible while Maintaining our Highest Quality and Standards! Be sure to book in with us today for your next Maintenance!

Benefits of Aircon Service

Where you have Air-Conditioning Systems running in your Home or Business, General Air-Condition Service is Essential. Daily Maintenance and Servicing not only helps make the Air-Condition device work more Effectively, but also helps pick up any Potential Problems that might occur.

General Air Service is Hassle-Free and Harmless, and only Prolongs the Life of your Aircon units. While it may seem unnecessary, ware conducting thorough checks to ensure that your Air-Condition unit does not have a Costly Breakdown. We can also check for any Leaks that may Damage your walls or floors, and for your Convenience we can perform Repairs and Installations.

Common Air Conditioner problems which can be solved easily with Regular Air-Condition Service.

General Aircon Service Vs. Chemical Aircon Wash Vs. Chemical Cleaning?

Although General Aircon Service is great for routine maintenance, you every need to opt for an Aircon Chemical to be cleaned or washed every once in a while. A Chemical Air-Conditioning Service must thoroughly clean any aspect of the Air-Conditioning unit to ensure that the Filters are Clean, that the Refrigerant and Water Pipes are Clear of any Blockages and that the Air-Conditioning unit is in Perfect Working Condition. You may also like to learn more about the discrepancies between Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Chemical Cleaning.

General air-conditioning will use vacuums and non-chemical products to clean the air-conditioning unit, while the chemical air-conditioning service will wash out the chemical cleaning component system. All are essential for maintaining your air-conditioning unit, although chemical air-conditioning may not be required as much.

If you’re not sure what kind of service your aircon device needs, it’s as simple as making a phone call. We ‘re going to talk to you about your aircon needs to bring you the best service possible.


As you can see, if you have an Aircon in your Home or Business, it ‘s vital that you choose to have it Serviced on a Regular Basis. Not only does it Clean the Air you Breathe, it will allow your Air-Conditioner to Operate Better, Prevent Costly Damage to your Air-Conditioner, and make it last longer.

Also Performing Emergency Repairs, Maintenance and Installations, we are your ONE-STOP shop with everything from Aircon! Call US Now @ +65 9675 1953 for Extensive and Affordable Aircon Services for all brands and types.