Power Failure or Power Trip

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Electricians Singapore provides diagnosis and solutions for Emergency Energy Failure. Our Electricians are licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and meet all EMA requirements.
A power failure, or more frequently known as a blackout, may happen due to a variety of factors:

Overloaded Circuit:
As society becomes increasingly engaged in technology, higher-powered devices are being used, putting enormous pressure on our power supply. Consequently, the circuit breaker trips to break the electrical flow when the energy demand on the electrical circuit becomes too high, thus preventing the circuit from overheating. However, where repeated tripping happens despite the decrease in energy consumption, there may be deeper root causes for your Power Failure.
Faulty Circuits Breakers Switches Or Appliances

Over time, wear and tear reduces the efficiency of our breakers, switches and machinery, thus impairing their efficiency. Use the circuit breaker to identify which socket switch has triggered the energy trip to fix this issue. Inspect afterwards all appliances connected to the socket to inspect for any burnt fuses or exposed wires. If none is discovered, it may be indicative that the issue resides with your circuit breaker, switches, or cables. At this stage, it is advisable to seek an Electricians Singapore to assist replace a breaker box.

Short Circuit

A variation of an overloaded circuit occurs when the electrical circuit generates a low-resistance connection between two conductors. Here a large amount of current flows through the path of least resistance when this occurs, causing a large dissipation of energy and consequently a massive heat output. In some cases, the heat is potent enough to cause the wire to explode. Otherwise, similar to an overloaded circuit, the circuit breaker trips to break the flow.

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