How To Avoid Potential Fire Hazards With a Professional Inspection

You own a multi-family, and that makes you responsible for many lives. This responsibility needs to be taken seriously, especially regarding fire code and fire safety. It is time to rely on the experts. The Singapore Civil Defence Force analyzes fire events for trends and patterns, allowing professionals to try to prevent future similar incidents from happening.


Roderico lives in a three-story terrace apartment house. One day he went to work following his usual routine. At the end of his shift, he returned home, planning to make his and his fiance’s dinner. While cooking, the power went off (tripped) due to the number of appliances he used in the kitchen.

After resetting the power, he dined with his lady, and they sat down to enjoy a quiet evening at home. Suddenly, he noticed smoke coming out of the second-story level of the three-story apartment, and it quickly became apparent that there was a fire!

Fire Origination

Fire damage was most severe in the master bedroom, while other areas of the second-story apartment sustained heat, smoke, and water damage. Upon inspection of the master bedroom, the burn patterns near the windows, where the computer table had been, were consistent with a first starting near a portable socket outlet recovered from the suspected area of origin.

After speaking with Roderico, it was ascertained that the portable socket outlet had been purchased from an overseas vendor. The result was a determination of accidental fire, of electrical origin, specifically at the location of the portable socket outlet.

Lessons Learned

When tragic events like this occur, there is an analysis of trends that lead to change. A professional fire inspection can help you ensure that your apartment building is as safe as can be given their analysis at that time.

Never overload electrical outlets and circuits

Overloading an outlet or circuit can cause overheating and damage your wiring, leading to a fire. If you have more appliances plugged into one outlet than it’s rated for, get an electrician to install an outlet with a higher capacity.

Don’t use extension cords as permanent wiring solutions

Extension cords are meant as temporary solutions — they should never be used as permanent wiring solutions because they can overheat, leading to fires. Use only UL-listed extension cords and ensure adequate insulation, so they don’t overheat when used for too long or in high-traffic areas.

Check the condition of the wiring regularly

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