About Electricians Singapore

Electricians Singapore provides a wide range of Electrical Services. Ware a trusted partner for Electrical Residential and Commercial Projects.

We have dedicated team of  EMA Licensed Electricians and Electrical Workers with the training and years of Experience to tackle your largest Residential and Commercial Electrical Projects, our team offers all Electrical Work in accordance with the Singapore Regulations.

Our Electrical Services include Emergency Electrical Services, Electrical Installation such as Light Installation, Ceiling Fans Installation, PowerPoint / Power Socket Installation, Energy Trip Restoration, and Electrical Connection and Retrieval Services. Within short notice, we provide an on-site inspection to assist you to identify and correct your Electrical Problems.

We are owned and operated locally by Friendly and Helpful Engineers who are Responsible for our Services.

We are proud to give our Professional Technical help to the Local Community 24/7. Our main stance is Never to Underestimate the Importance of Functioning as intended for either Residential or Commercial Power Supply Systems.

With our Electricians asking for assistance from both Individuals and Businesses all week long, wnever get out of the working loop! Be sure that with smany years of Experience and Professional Knowledge we can FIX anything!

We ensure that we provide you with the Best Quality Electrical Service at a Fair Price and with the highest level of Customer Service, using Qualified and Professional Electricians for you.

Make your appointment or call us today for assistance @ 65 9680 7211.

What Makes Us Better?

No Work too Big or too Small.

Electricians Singapore who are proud of their job and enthusiastic about finding the best solution for all your Electrical Requirements. Whether you want a safety check on a new house, an Integrated Alarm System, or a team to preserve Industry Sites across Singapore, the Electricians Singapore network has no work too big or too small.


We are committed to providing Five-Stars Service to all our clients at a competitive market price. With Electricians Singapore, you have professional knowledge and internet transparency with live status updates, citations and invoicing. You can choose whether you want to be paid by the job or by the hours. As a valued client, we also give FREE Safety Checks.

Reliable Electricians

We ensure that every moment our Electricians are on-site. We’re going to give you $30 Discount on Time Guarantee if we’re ever late. We don’t close as an island-wide network, so there will always be someone to take care of your call and your Electrical Needs.

Emergency Electrical Service

We’ve got Electricians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In an Emergency, we will get an Expert to your site as soon as possible regardless of where you live in the Singapore Regions. We give FREE Consultations and can arrive within 30 minutes of your call on most locations.

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