Here are some FAQs. If you have any other questions that aren’t addressed here, kindly feel free to contact us.

Yes. We ensure that your call will either be answered immediately by one of the staffs or returned by 5:00 pm for daytime calls and by 9:00 am the next evening if the call was placed after business hours. In most instances, we provide our cell phone number to our clients, so we can be reached at any moment.

Yes. We will provide you with an estimated start date and the time frame when you use us to complete the project. In many instances, there will be other contractors working on the project during a remodel, for example, which can cause minor delays. We believe in constant communication, which makes the completion technique much smoother.

Yes. We always have evidence of our licenses and are pleased to provide them to any potential client aany moment.

No. We will review your work with you personally and provide you with a comprehensive quote for your project.

If there are any modifications that have been made along the way, you may want to add another item that we hadn’t addressed before, a written change order will be drafted for your assessment before anything goes further. So we can make sure that the client and we, the contractor, are on the same page.

If no change order is produced, wstand by the price that we initially quoted for the job.

YES! Living in a construction area can be stressful, but upgrading, remodeling or expanding your home is worth the investment! We strive to make it as stressful as possible. We bring our work, tools and supplies to one region and are sure to take care of any home children or animals and keep them safe from any hazards.

Yes. We tell our clients many times we’re going to leave home cleaner than we’ve found!

We always use drop cloths in all fields we operate in, are sure to contain all wire clippings and maintain all supplies and instruments in the region we operate in, and vacuum any dusting that may result from sheet-rock or ceiling cutting while we operate.

After the project is complete, we do another thorough inspection of the premises to make sure nothing is left behind and we bring our mess with us!

Always. We operate with integrity and the highest level of professionalism on any job site, regardless of the condition or who is present at home. We are a family-based company, we have our own little children, and we always give the same courtesy that we would expect a client to extend to our home. You’ll never have to worry when we’re on the job!

No. When you hire Electricians Singapore, you can be ensured that you will get the greatest value for your investment. If you look hard enough, you will always discover someone cheaper. 

If you find someone out there doing it for less than us, they don’t do the same job for you; they leave something out or cut corners somewhere, which means they don’t give you the job you’ve asked for. When you hire us, you will obtain the accurate job you hoped for at the end of your project.

Yes. Our certified Master Electrician has experience ranging from housing projects to business and industrial projects. We are specialized in commercial industrial, residential and generator installations wiring.