General Aircon Servicing

When you live in a Subtropical Climate like Singapore, you quickly realize that you can’t live without Air-Conditioning. Air-Conditioning not only plays an Important Role in keeping your Home and Business Cool, but it also helps to get Rid of Unwanted Moisture.

As much as Air-Conditioning is Beneficial, there is also a downside to it. The system requires Regular Service in order to remain functional. Luckily for you, regular maintenance is not as tiring as many people think.

Instead of having to Cope with Extreme Temperatures during Hot Sunny Days, you need to make sure that you have opted-in for Frequent Maintenance.


If you’re still Reluctant to get Aircon Service done, let us Guide you through its Benefits, how often it should be done, which Regular Aircon Service includes.

What is included in the General Service of Aircon?

 Servicing and thorough Cleaning of Air Filters, Ventilators, Evaporators, Blower Wheels and Condenser Coils to Remove the Dirt thoroughly and to help Clear any Choked Water Pipe. Our Professional Technicians clean each part carefully to get rid of all the Dirt, the Bacteria. After Service, it will help to Improve the Efficiency of the Air-Conditioning for Better and Cooler Air Quality.

Check the water pump, the water flow and the disinfection of the water tray to ensure no leakage or choke. This can help to check if the condensate water collected from the water tray is leaking.

Inspect the Compressor to ensure that the Air Circulation is not Blocked and that the System Operates Efficiently at the Right Pressure and Temperature. Carry out a Gas Check to ensure that the Gas Level is Sufficient.

Cleaning of the Drain Pan and Flushing of the Drain Pipe to remove any Algae and Moisture from the System. This ensures that the Air is Fresher and Healthier.

Inspect Electrical Components for Wear and Tear and for tightening any loose Electrical contacts.

Diagnosis of any Leakage or Noise Problems and Control of Aircon Gas to ensure a Sufficient level of Gas Coolant for Energy Efficiency.

After the Service is Completed, our Technician will Perform a Trail Run to Ensure that the unit system is running Smoothly. At the end of the day, the Exterior of the Aircon unit will be Clean and look like a Brand New one.

Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing

Air-Conditioning owners may not often opt for Air-Conditioning in Singapore, especially if their AC unit does not show any Signs of Damage. However, a seemingly perfect AC unit still needs regular Air-Conditioning.

Not Convinced, huh? Here are some of the Benefits of Regular Air Servicing:

 Enhanced Efficiency and Performance

It is known that One year without Air Conditioning Maintenance, the Efficiency of the Air Conditioning unit can be reduced by 5%. That is why it is Essential to hire a Reliable and Professional Air-Conditioning Technician to provide Regular Air-Conditioning Services.

Bills on Lower Electricity

One of the most Common Energy-saving tips for Air-Conditioning is Regular Air-Conditioning. With Routine Air-Conditioning, AC units consume Less Energy to operate at an Optimum Level. So, in the long run, you’ll also get to Enjoy Lower Electricity Bills. To make even more savings, you can make use of our Quarterly Aircon Service Subscription Deals!

Clean Aire

 Cleaner of the air

Most Aircon Servicing routines include a thorough Cleaning of Air Filters that have Accumulated Dust and Pollutants over a period of time. Clean Air Filters ensure Healthy Air Circulation indoors, which then prevents any spread of Bacteria that can trigger Health Issues such as Allergies.

Preventing Bad Odours

 Bad Odours usually Result from the Accumulation of Bacteria in the Air-Conditioning unit. This can easily be Prevented by Regular Air-Conditioning by a Reliable and Professional Air-Conditioning Technician.

 Longer Life Span

Regular Air-Conditioning not only Prevents the Spread of Diseases, but also Guarantees a Longer Lifespan for your Air-Conditioning unit. Aircon Maintenance usually involves Routine Checks to ensure that every part of the AC unit is working Properly. Small Issues can be Fixed Immediately through such Inspections, which will then Improve the Performance of your Air Conditioning unit.

Cheaper Repair Cost

High-Performance, Regularly Maintained Air-Conditioning units can prevent major Air-Conditioning Problems, such as Leakage, which could lead to costly AC Repairs. Sure, you might need some Cash out for Routine Aircon service, but you’ll get more Savings in the Long Run!

 More Environmental-Friendly

 With Regular Aircon Servicing, Refrigerant Leaks that Release Harmful Greenhouse gases and Promote Global Warming can be Prevented. Not only can you Save Money on Aircon Repair Costs, but you’ll also be able to Protect the Environment. Be Sure to contact an Experienced and Professional Aircon Technician for Quality Aircon Servicing!

Choose KTL Aircon Servicing Singapore for our Annual Maintenance Contract

After prolonged use, Aircon Filters often Accumulate Dust and Bacteria, resulting in Reduced Efficiency. At KTL Aircon Servicing Singapore, we can help you Prevent System Breakdowns and Improve Air Quality and Efficiency. Despite the Range of Aircon sService Prices out there, it is still Considered Cheaper to opt for our Annual Maintenance Contract in Singapore rather than Constantly Spending Money on Repairs to Fix Common Aircon Problems.

KTL Aircon Servicing Singapore is your Contractor of Choice for your Affordable Aircon Service in Singapore. We offer Premium Annual Aircon Service Packages done by Professional and Experienced Technicians. Apart from Performing the Best Air-Conditioning iSingapore, we also offer a Range of Aircon Services like Aircon Repairs, Aircon Chemical Wash, Aircon Installation, Aircon Gas Top-Up, and many More!

If you plan to Maintain your Aircon on a Regular Basis, you might want to Sign our Annual Maintenance Contract with us. We can keep your Aircon in a Timely Manner at your own Discretion, Tri-yearly (3 times), Quarterly (4 times) or even Bi-Monthly (6 times). This Maintenance Plan Helps to keep your Aircon Clean and Efficient at a much Cheaper Rate.

Please do not hesitate to check out our Annual Maintenance Contract or Call US Now @ +65 9675 1953 for an Immediate Response.

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