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AirCon Dusty

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Are you looking for Reliable Aircon Services in Singapore? Our Company is Dedicated to Providing Quality Air Conditioning Services at Affordable Prices.

We provide Qualified Professional Technicians with many years of Experience in the Air-Con Industry. We also offer a Variety of Services such as Repair, Chemical Cleaning, Installation and Maintenance Contracts. We are Confident that you will be Satisfied when we meet your Requirements for Air Conditioning.

From simple Aircon Service to Aircon Overhaul, we offer all kinds of Services and Solutions that you need to ensure the Maximum Efficiency of your Aircon unit. With our Aircon Services, you can Maintain your Air Conditioner, increase its Longevity and Save Energy, which in turn will allow you to stay Healthy from High Energy costs.

As we provide Full Service to Aircon, you do not need to search for Additional Companies once you have contacted us. Just let us know Exactly what you NEED, and then sit back; we ‘re going to manage it all for you.

Services We Offer

 General Servicing Aircon

 Aircon Chemical Wash

 Aircon Overhaul

 Gas Top Up


 Ceiling Casseette Services

 New Installation of Aircon

 Second Hand Units/Recon Aircon

Normal Service is Required at least once every 3 months. Nevertheless, you must always note that, other than having Service to Maintain your Device, you never know when you may need Maintenance or other similar Aircon Services. We know that the needs of our clients are diverse. That’s why we’re offering a wide range of Aircon Services that cater to the needs of people facing different Air Conditioning Problems.

Whether you want to check the Efficiency of your Air Conditioner or if you want Simple Service to ensure your unit works Optimally, we can do it all for you. Since you can find all kinds of Aircon Services with us, you ‘re going to save a lot of time.

Contact us @ +65 9675 1953 to find out what we can do. We will be more than happy to Help Guide you in Detail on every Service we Offer.

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