Aircon Services @ Affordable Prices

We have a wide selection of Aircon Solutions that will suit your needs. We are transparent with our Pricing, so that you will always know what our Services Cost and that we will never Overcharge our Clients by hiding the Cost of the Services Offered. We Value the Trust our Customers have put in us and we have policies in place to live up to that. Our Technicians are well-paid, loyal employees committed to doing the Right Job. They ‘re really just receiving incentives for Excellent clients feedback and Quality Service, not Easy Work.

We are Confident that you will find Great Value in our Service and that we will be Providing Highly Competitive Pricing in all Areas. If you want a Custom Quote for your Home or Business Premises, please Call US Now @ +65 9675 1953 for an Immediate Response. Click here to learn more about our Standard Scope of Aircon Service.

General Servicing

round checkbox Air Filter Replacement, Washing and AC-Service
round checkbox Brushing and Rinsing the Fan Blower thoroughly
round checkbox Cleaning of Algae and Disinfection of the Water Tray
round checkbox Aircon Ventilator Inspection and Cover
round checkbox We Service Cassettes and Wall Mounted types of Air Conditioners
General Servicing

Chemical Wash

round checkbox Chemical Disinfection and Unclogging of Air Filters
round checkbox Comprehensive Indoor Vacuum Filters
round checkbox Chemical Fan Wash and Cooling Coil to Avoid Buildup
round checkbox Flushing of Internal Cavity to Eliminate Odor-Causing Elements
round checkbox Full Inspection including Discharge Temperature and Pressure;

Chemical Overhaul

round checkbox The Entire unit is Dismantled and each Component is Chemically Treated.
round checkbox Odor Prevention of Chemical Disinfection on Filters
round checkbox Chemical Treatment of Algae and Rust Removal Sections
round checkbox Flushing of Air condition Drainage System with Chemicals to Repair Leakage Problems
round checkbox Clearing of any Aircon Pipe Blocks
Chemical Overhaul

Repair of Indoor Aircon

round checkbox Aircon’s Leaking Water
round checkbox Aircon Blowing Hot Air / not Cold
round checkbox Device Shutting Down with Blinking Lights
round checkbox Temperature Control is not Working
round checkbox Replacement and Installation of Malfunctioning Parts

Serving Outdoor Unit

round checkbox Thorough Cleaning of Body Plates, Fans and Filters
round checkbox High Pressure Interior Wash with Disinfectant Chemicals
round checkbox Evaluate the Temperature, Pressure and Gas Discharge Levels
round checkbox Remove the Blockages by Flushing the Drainage System
round checkbox Full inspection, Issue Diagnosis and Repair

Gas Top Up

round checkbox Air filter and Front Panel Inspection and Cleaning
round checkbox Deodorant Filter and Bio-Pure Power
round checkbox Coil Testing and Cleaning Indoor Cooling
round checkbox Drainage Flushing System
round checkbox Inspection and Cleaning of Condenser Coils
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