Aircon Chemical Wash

A regular Air-Conditioning Service in Singapore may not be able to Remove all the Stains and Dirt when dealing with Older Air-Conditioners. That’s why Aircon Chemical Cleaning is used to get Older Air Conditioners back to their Best Working Condition.

One of the Reasons why many people prefer Aircon Chemical Cleaning in Singapore is that it is Ideal for Old units and any Air-Condition that is in dire need of thorough maintenance.

Why is Chemical Wash Important?

Improve Aircon Efficiency by Unlocking Filters, Evaporator Coils and Drain Pipes.

Chemical Cleaning removes all the Dirt inside your Air-Condition and Optimizes its Cooling Effect.

Improve the Performance of your AC and make the Air Cooler.

Keep the Surroundings Fresh and Clean.

Help to treat Aircon with no Cold and Clear Water Leakage issues. This can be done by Cleaning the Drain System of the unit.

Chemical Cleaning also helps to Lower your Aircon Condensation Rate.

General Cleaning may not be 100% Effective in Removing all Dirt, and the Dirt may be Washed and Choked out of the Water Pipe. Chemical Cleaning can therefore Completely Remove the Accumulated Dirt and any Debris that has Clogged the Drainage System.

Scope of chemical wash:

 Dismantled to Clean the Filters, Evaporator Coils and Parts.

 Perform Flushing of the Drainage Pipes, Blower Wheels, Blades and Condenser Coils with Chemicals to remove Debris.

Deodorizing and Purifying the Filter with a High-Quality Chemical Wash.

The above steps help to Improve Cooling Efficiency and remove any Debris that may lead to Blockage.

Benefits of Chemical Wash

The Price of Air-Conditioning is Cheaper than getting a New Air-Conditioner. Aircon Chemical Cleaning can help you Reduce the Energy Consumption of your Air Conditioner, Reduce Utility Bills and Save Money.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning is a Great alternative to Aircon Service. Due to the thoroughness of the Chemical Cleaning process, not only does it Clean the Air-Conditioning System, it also comes with Full Maintenance and Service to ensure that your Home and Office Air Conditioners last longer.

Chemical Washing improves the Smell and Quality of the Air-Conditioning unit, making it Comfortable for Anyone who may have Allergies in the family. It also Improves the Cooling Power of the Air-Conditioning unit and Prevents Leakage.

New Air-Conditioning

Why is Aircon Chemical Wash Price in Singapore higher than the regular cleaning of Aircon?

At KTL Aircon, we are Committed to Providing you with the Best prices for your Aircon service, Maintenance and Repair Services. However, Chemical Air-Conditioning is more Expensive than Normal Air-Conditioning Cleaning because it is more thorough and Beneficial than Regular Cleaning. It also makes use of Strong Chemical-Based Cleaning agents that remove all traces of Rust and Dirt from your Air-Conditioning unit, leaving it as Good as New.

Call us for the BEST Prices for Aircon Chemical Wash

We are offering one of the most Affordable Prices for Aircon Chemical Wash in Singapore so you can be Assured that you will always have the Best Chemical Wash Price and Deal.

Call us today @ +65 9675 1953 for your Aircon Chemical Wash Enquiries, and let us Breathe New Life into your Aircon.

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