Affordable Electrical Installation & Repair Services

The price of Electrical Installation and Repair is one of the first things that comes to our mind when wneed to do some Electrical work. Electrical Installation and Repair are prevalent after you have spent some time in a particular place. 

You may need an additional switch at a convenient location or you may want to install new Electrical equipment. It is not difficult to get an Electrician to install or replace Electrical products in Singapore. However, it may be a challenge to hire Quality and Licensed Electrician at a fair cost for your Electrical Assignments.

Electrical Prices

In particular, the fee should not btoo low or too high to conduct good Electrical work. Iit’s too low, you’re likely to get inferior stuff and service. It may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. If conducted by a specialist, certain work is best performed. A Licensed Electrical professional must carry all kinds of Electrical job.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) in Singapore is the governing body that issues the Electrician License. It is due to the reality that the domestic and commercial industry consumes distinct amount of voltage and power supply.

Whether you need to install an additional switch or socket, you should be aware that our prices are highly competitive with the prices below. For Electrical Services, it’s an affordable price. With our pricing, we are transparent without any hidden costs. What we promise is Electrical Quality work at reasonably low prices.

We welcome you to compare our price with other Electricians’ listed price.

* Please call us @ +65 9680 7211 to clarify on details.

Our above prices are for pre-scheduled installation and substitution and include transportation costs. We do not impose any hidden fees. If premium materials are required or requested by clients, a separate charge will be imposed.

Separate surcharges will apply to Emergency Electrical Installation

As shown, our price per replacement or installation is generally lower or close to market rate. Moreover, when the number of installation or replacement carried out at one location increases, our price per installation or replacement decreases.

Commit us to accessible Electrical facilities.

For other Electrical Installation or a New Project that icoming up and are searching for a Reliable, Certified Electrician to assist quote your work – Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are confident that each of our paid work will be cited relatively and competitively.

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