Asking in Electrical Work bargain think again


Asking for bargain in Electrical Work think again

Most of the Phone Call receive are looking for a bargain. A wide spread of consumer is looking for a bargain and been ignorant on the electrical safety. Many adapt to habit of consumer goods online they seem to be Extreme price concern compare to the safety. There is quite a number of consumer who really don’t care about safety prefer the unsafe practice and go with contractor that violate the safety.

In my Career I have saw 3 News Article related to electrocution. We are here to create awareness for the public.

Elderly couple, son electrocuted after water heater was poorly installed: Expert.

instant water heater was operating, the electricity flowed back to the heater’s metal casing

instant water heater was operating, the electricity flowed back to the heater’s metal casing

When investigators checked the flat, they found that only the utility room was protected by an RCCB installed during an upgrading programme. The water heater connected using a three-pin plug to a socket outlet is outdated. The Updated SS638 Code of practice is a double pole switch. It is designed for appliances that require a more significant amount of electricity. 

Unlike a three ping plug, each cable has its terminal and is position in a double pole switch, so the cable would not cross or meet. The daughter stated that the instant water heater could have been installed six to seven years ago but did not know who had bought or installed it.


Another Case : Occur at 29 November 2016

Boy who died in shower was electrocuted due to faulty electrical installations: Coroner’s Court

Bukit Butok Ave 3

Bukit Butok Ave 3

A 15-year-old boy who died following a shower in his flat in Bukit Batok had been electrocuted due to faulty electrical

installations and these tasks were done by workers who were not licensed to carry them out, according to the Coroner’s Court.

The accident occurred more than a year after the HIP works were carried out. During the HIP works, Yao Bin’s mother asked for a sub-contractor to install a new water heater. HDB had engaged Precise Development as the main contractor of the HIP project, while JL Engineering Construction was engaged as an electrical sub-contractor.


Another Case : Posted on 13 March 2015

18-year-old who died after getting electrocuted during shower: Police investigating unlicensed technician

Houngang Ave 3

Houngang Ave 3

The victim’s grandfather had spent $300 on the new water heater at a shop near his house. The shop owner then recommended a Mr. Bai Jin Yi to help install it.

Mr. Bai is a taxi driver, and started to be a part-time technician in 2000. He has helped other customers of the store to install their electrical appliances.

However, he does not possess a licence from the Energy Market Authority (EMA).


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