Competent Electrician VS Experienced Electrician


Are there any differences with the competent electricians? You might be confused about this question because it is ironic. For many, these people are all the same as long as they can perform their job in terms of electricity.

There is simply so much to know about electricians, especially the division between competent and experienced ones. If you are interested to know about these things, make sure to read the whole article now.

Let us find out what lines draw the contrast between the kinds of electricians we have in the market today. These things will help you get the best of the services they offer. We will begin with what these professionals do first then talk about their other qualities.

What jobs do electricians offer?

In our era, there is nothing without electric wires nowadays. Even the smallest thing would consist of it as long as it needs power. Your phone is one great example of it. From that technology to your homes, you are always dealing with electricity.

Experienced electricians are the professional tradesmen in electrical wirings and other matters related to it. These people have undergone extreme training and they have wide knowledge on how to install, operate, and repair any electrical equipment and infrastructures.

What qualities should you look for when hiring an electrician?

Do you know that there are different levels of electricians? If you do not know about them, it is time to learn. You should know them because it will greatly impact how you should hire one in the future. Learn from here some helpful tips about them.

1. Competent Electrician

When your water heater breaks down, do you repair it alone? That is extremely unsafe, so better stop it now. Some people can help you solve the matter without endangering themselves.

A competent electrician is someone who you can call for quick electric service. However, it is not easy to know whether one is “competent” in his job or not.

According to EMA Singapore, being competent means having the qualities of comprehensive skills, judgment, and knowledge. All of these must be present for a person to be called competent, and it is the same with electricians.

Before someone becomes proficient in electric wires, he should start with being an apprentice to a Wireman then Licensed Electrician. These three are the major divisions of becoming good in the job.

Apprentice ones are those who are taking the apprenticeship program. It can go from three to six years. These people train under a licensed professional, which helps them finish classroom hours.

After taking the apprenticeship, you will graduate to take the licensure test in EMA Singapore.

When you have the licenses, you do not need a fellow expert to work with you. You have the credentials to do everything, which also enables you to train an apprentice.

A Licensed electrician is the last degree in becoming competent in the industry. It is the First certification that lets an electric expert do jobs from state to state. You have a wider scope of locations with it.

Along with the better location, your skills and knowledge have grown a lot in this stage. Most masters avoid electrocution because of the SS638 National Electrical Code. It helps them to do high level commercial and industrial jobs.

2. Experienced Electrician

Competent electricians are well-trained individuals. On the contrary, there are also experienced ones. These people have encountered more than an instance water heater.

Based on School and Trade, there are six qualities an electrician must have before you hire him. These are dependability, communication skills, independent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, time management, and business skills.

All of these can be present to a person interested in doing electric equipment and infrastructure, but they do not have the necessary certifications. At some point, the experienced electrician might still be an apprentice.


Should you hire an experienced electrician over a competent one? This one is the big question you might be asking now. After learning all about the two people, you might be thinking deeply about your hiring decisions.

A competent electrician is a person with all the necessary skills and knowledge you need. Further, he has the licensure to do the job in line with the government system.

On the contrary, an experienced electrician has all the six qualities, but he might not have the license to do the work.

The choice is yours to make. Before booking an electrician, find out first what you need. Is he needed for a big or small work? Is it a simple water heater or complex electric wire problems?

Both people can do the job, although a competent one will do better in more intricate jobs. Your safety must be the foremost matter in decision making.

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